Tom Hicks, President Naked Juice

During my tenure as President of Naked Juice (2003-2007) we had the unfortunate experience of having a large portion of our roof cave in from heavy rains. This roof collapse not only greatly damaged our production area but also flooded 100% of our executive & production management offices, causing in excess of $1 million in damages

I met 24Seven's President, Michael Lancaster, during the bid process in which 24Seven was not the lowest bidder, but my initial assessment was they were certainly the most qualified. My assessment proved to be right, and the fast-track restoration project was completed ahead of schedule, without issue and below estimate, saving us valuable time & minimizing production & revenue losses. After quantifying the net impact to our company, it became quite evident that 24Seven was by far the right choice.

As Naked Juice continued its rapid growth, we had a need to build a new R&D lab and expand our corporate offices. Again we turned to the team at 24Seven and again they did an outstanding job, completing our tenant improvements ahead of schedule and below budget.

The team at 24Seven shows an amazing attention to detail. They notice the smallest of imperfections and correct them without oversight. I would highly recommend Michael and his team at 24Seven for construction & restoration projects. 24Seven is highly capable, direct in their communication (rare in their line of work), and in my dealing with them, highly ethical.

Tom Hicks
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